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Chemicals Ltd, the company behind market leading paint removers, stone protection products, graffiti removers and nano coatings.

From paint stripper, nano coatings and colour enhancers, to hard surface cleaners and sealers, we have a chemical solution to your coating problem.


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Paint removers designed to remove any coating from any substrate. Our class-leading coating removal system is the most effective available in the UK.Paramose paint remover, Enviromose paint stripper and Wipe Away graffiti removers are used worldwide to remove coatings in industrial, professional and DIY applications.


Powerful cleaning products for professional, industrial and consumer use. We manufacture a full range, including hard surface cleaners, algae removers, rust removers and roof cleaners. Cleaned substrates can be protected by using one of our nano coatings, photocatalytic coatings, stone sealers or colour enhancers.


Our Dirt Defence range offers a total solution. Ranging from hybrid sealers and anti slip coatings to photocatalytic and nano technologies, our waterbased protective coatings will prevent ageing and weather damage for every surface. Our comprehensive range includes stone sealers, colour enhancers, photocatalytic coatings, stone protectors and nano coating. All are all water based, safer and easy to use.

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We have a development team and in-house laboratory where new products are continuously formulated and tested. Our  expertise is available to solve specific problems for your needs. Chemical solutions can be developed for toll manufacture, from a single product to an entire range. Products include paint remover, stone sealer, nano coating, stone protector, hard surface cleaner and graffiti remover.



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Application Advice

Our technical team has many years experience of using Paramose, Enviromose and Dirt Defence technologies. We are here to give help and advice on how best to use our various grades of paint remover, stone sealer, colour enhancer, photocatalytic coating, graffiti remover, nano coatings and cleaners across a wide range of industries.
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Safety and Technical Request

Our customer services team can supply MSDS and technical information on our complete product range on request – including paint remover, stone sealer, hard surface cleaner, paint stripper, graffiti remover, photocatalytic coating, patio and paving sealer, colour enhancer and toll manufacturing services.


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