Specialist Solutions

Specialist Solutions

Hybrid waterproofing, dirt defence
Dirt Defence black limestone sealer
Dirt Defence acid resist marble protection


Dirt Defence Hybrid Waterproofing System is suitable for a variety of surfaces. It has been designed to create a strong yet elastic barrier on the surface, making it especially suitable for flat roofing. Our two part hybrid system is reinforced with polyester fibres, allowing it to resist all types of moisture and dirt ingress, whilst creating a vapour permeable, non hazardous UV stable surface.


Dirt Defence Black Limestone Sealer is a tough, safe and easy to use application that guarantees to extend the life and improve the appearance of black limestone. The surface will retain a deeper colour and benefit from rain, UV and pollution resistance by adhering to the surface without discolouring it.


Dirt Defence Acid Resist is a unique, groundbreaking high quality formula designed specifically to be used on marble, typically a substrate that marks very easily. It forms a hard wearing acid resistant barrier and will prevent any damage by laying down a nano-barrier which is chemically bonded to the marble surface.